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Testing Democratic Reflection during the 2017 UK’s Televised Election Debates

A Real-Time Audience Feedback Tool to Engage with Political Debates  Social media have multiplied the channels of sensory streams available to the public audience of political debates. But is this new “participation experience” truly informative? Do social media voices really capture the richness of citizens’ reactions while they are watching the political debates?  The Democratic Reflection app is a new tool to actively […]

EDV project launch: Visualizing the 2015 Prime Ministerial TV Debates

During the 2010 UK general election, the first ever televised Prime Ministerial debates took place. University of Leeds and KMi research investigated public reaction to these debates, the roles they may play in democratic engagement, and the potential of mapping the debates visually. In 2015 the next election is expected, providing the opportunity to investigate […]