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What would viewers want to say if they could?

We’re using the Clegg-Farage Debate on Europe as a testbed for some new ideas. One is to elicit from viewers how they’re responding to the debate, and what they would say if they could via a next generation user interface. The Leeds University team ran a group this week in which participants raised specially designed […]

Stephen Coleman gives evidence to House of Lords

EDV project lead Professor Stephen Coleman gave evidence to House of Lords’ Communications Select Committee Inquiry on Broadcast General Election Debates [Hansard transcript pdf]. As the clips below reflect, there is considerable interest in the potential of the web to help engage and educate citizens around the envisaged Prime Ministerial debates. p.84 — Professor Stephen […]

Focus Groups: how could the Election Debates be improved?

The Leeds team (Stephen Coleman, Giles Moss and Jennifer Carlberg) have conducted a series of twelve focus group interviews, with groups ranging from the politically disengaged to party supporters to ask them about their experiences of the last televised elections debates in 2010 and how they think they can be improved next time. The aim […]