EDV at ACM TVX 2015

Las week, we presented Democratic Replay as a work-in-progress paper at TVX 2015, the ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video, held in Brussels, 3rd-5th June 2015.TVX brings together research and recent developments in academia and industry in a single-track joint venue. The conference opened with a keynote by Jacob Shwirtz, Chief Social Media Officer at Endemol Beyond USA, who talked about how social media are changing storytelling and the production of audiovisual entertainment (including this funny clip from The Late Late Show with James Corden). The closing keynote was by Marianna Obrist, Lecturer in Interaction Design at the University of Sussex (UK), who gave a very engaging talk about multi-sensory media experiences, showing how the connection of emotions with touch, smells and flavours could crucially change the way we interact with media in the future.


p179The papers, posters and demos in the conference of direct relevance to EDV fall in a range of topics, including manual, semi-automatic and automatic semantic annotation of video, synchronisation of broadcast media and hypervideo content among different devices, and the incorporation of user-generated videos to professionally-produced media content. We’ll expand on these technologies and explore how to apply them to EDV in a later post. 


Our paper “Engaging Citizens with Televised Election Debates through Online Interactive ReplaysPoster-TVX2015” presents relevant research at the intersection of citizenship, technologies and government / democracy, and describes the motivation, requirements and design of Democratic Replay: an online interactive video replay platform that offers a persistent, customisable digital space for: (a) members of the public to express their views as they watch online videos of political events; and (b) enabling for a richer collective understanding of what goes on in these complex media events.The paper was presented as a poster in the Work in Progress session on Thursday 4th June. Below is a 1-minute teaser presentation about our poster. The paper and poster are linked on the right. 

We look forward to TVX 2016 in Chicago, 22nd-24th June 2016!


TVX 2015 “Madness” Teaser – 5 June 2015

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