The first three EDV Project Briefings are out

We have released the first three issues of a a series of project briefings, intended to disseminate different aspects of our research to a general audience.

  • Briefing 2014.01 describes the findings of focus group research into voters’ thoughts, concerns and desires in connection with televised election debates.
  • Briefing 2014.02 presents our vision on how technology can help address some of the issues citizens raised at the focus group meetings.
  • Briefing 2014.03 takes on one of the voters’ concerns and describes a technique to help debate-viewers detect communicational strategies from the politicians that could result manipulating or confusing.

EDV briefing 2014.01

EDV briefing 2014.02

EDV briefing 2014.03

We are already working on two further issues which will be placed under Results shortly. Briefing 2014.04 describes a novel approach to letting viewers have a say during the debate. Briefing 2014.05 discusses designed visualisations as a means to enhance the viewing experience and foster voters engagement with election debates.

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